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Black Friday: This insoles comes with our latest comfort plus insole FREE ($35 value)


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This is the ULTIMATE comfort orthotic designed for walking. Heat in oven for 8 minutes at 250F, then place in shoes and walk. (wear socks. If insole is too hot, allow to cool until its tolerable)

  • Squishy arch support version
  • feels like walking on a cloud
  • Absorbs nearly all shock from walking
  • Nearly zero pressure on the foot
  • For full over pronation/fallen arches relief get our gamechangers custom orthotics
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M10/10.5 | W 12/12.5, M11/11.5 | W13/13.5, M12/12.5 | W 14/14.5, M13/13.5 | W 15/15.5, M5/5.5 W 7/7.5, M6/6.5 | W 8/8.5, M7/7.5 | W9/9.5, M8/8.5 | W10/10.5, M9/9.5 | W11/11.5




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